Who We Are.

Mira’s skincare is a Nigerian brand skincare line formulated with natural and highly-functional active and organic ingredients that nurture the skin for an alluring younger and radiant looking skin.

The founder and lead innovator of Mira’s skincare is a medical doctor Dr Onyi Orji that is passionate about creating a brand that combines innovative and safe ingredients into effective daily regimens devoted to enhancing and preserving one’s skin health that result in transforming products that aid in reducing the appearance of dark spots and signs of aging. Our products are also geared towards evening out skin tone, protecting healthy skin, and preventing future damage.

Our vision is to deliver happiness and extraordinary service by providing the healthiest and most effective skin care. We focus on creating affortable, effective safe lightening products. We also provide customers with adequate guidance through their skincare.

At Mira Skincare, we believe in formulating products with safe and natural ingredients. Our ingredients are carefully selected and have been proven to deliver results. We do not include harmful ingredients like steroids and mercury that can cause lasting damage to your skin. Our passion is guided with integrity with a focus on excellence.



Our undeniable primary values inclue; Passion. Excellence. Integrity.

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We have a passion for providing our customers with the very best products, and inspiring healthy skin care practices.

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We work hard to deliver excellence in everything we do with a directed focus on customer satisfaction.

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Integrity and honesty guide our business practices. We strive to be honest and transparent with our customers concerning each product of the ingredients used to create our products.

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